Make Money on the Web


Tired of going to work day after day? Well lucky for you now there is opportunity after opportunity for making money on the web. It is really important to do your research before getting involved with any online companies. There are several legit companies that you can work for and get that extra money into your bank account.

Mystery Shopping

If you would like to easily earn some money for doing something you do anyway look into mystery shopping. Mystery shopping is something that many retailers have relied on for years. It is a way that keeps their businesses up to par, and keep them improving. There are several options when it comes to the mystery shopping program.

First, you can sign up for a certain program like Once you have created your membership you will be emailed your assignment. It will request you go to a specific store and purchase a certain item. Once you get to the store you will need to make note of the sales clerk that helps you and how well they were able to answer your questions. When you return home you will fill out a questionnaire on your shopping experience. The company will then mail you a check paying you a fee for your time and reimbursing you for the item you purchased.

That is correct they reimburse you meaning you get to keep whatever you bought. There is also a second version of the mystery shopping program. You can purchase a packet. For example you may pay $50.00 for a yearly membership. This membership may be to a place like the movies. You will get vouchers for a set of movie tickets, large popcorn and a large drink every quarter.

When you attend your movie make note of you sales clerks and experience and you will fill out a questionnaire once you return home. That means for $50.00 you get $30.00 worth of movie products three times a year.

Socially Networking

If you like getting paid to socialize we have all heard of Facebook and Twitter, but have you heard of Yuwie? Yuwie is a social networking site just like Facebook, and even offers all the great options, but you get the added bonus of getting paid to use it. It is a quick and easy way to earn extra money. You just need to go and sign up for an account.

Like affiliate programs when someone from your website clicks on an ad you are given a click charge. Yuwie works in the same manner. If one of your friends is viewing your profile and clicks on an ad you will then earn a click charge. It is that simple to start earning extra income. Yuwie is able to do this because they are using the money they receive from the advertisers. Why let the social networking sites earn all the money?


Source by Bruno Miguel