Make Money Online Everyday Just by Writing – 5 Tips


Want to  make   money   online  everyday using your writing skills? Millions of Web sites need your words, so you can have  money  flowing into your PayPal account every day.

Let’s look at five tips to get you started.

1. You’re a Merchant, So Provide Samples to Make Sales

As a seller of writing services, your potential clients want to know what they’re getting. This means that you need to create samples, until you’re doing paid writing work which you can add to your portfolio to show your writing style and skills.

So, how do you create samples?

Here are two ways. Firstly, look through all the writing you’ve done for work. Could you use some of this material as writing samples? (Of course you’ll ask, before you use work product.)

The second way demands that you create samples on the fly, as you need them. You’re magically creating samples out of thin air. This is a great way to develop a quick “portfolio.”

Let’s see how this works. You visit an outsourcing site, and choose projects you’d like to bid on. Then just write a sample to show the client what you can do. If a buyer wants an article on photography for example, write a 500-word article. Whether you win the project or not, you can use this article in your portfolio.

2. You’re Starting from Zero – You’ll Taking Time to Get Rolling

I recently received a call from a despairing writing student: “I’ve placed 50 bids on X site and haven’t won any projects!”

My response was: “You’re just starting out. Place 100 to 200 more bids. You’ll take time to get rolling, but you will get more jobs that you can handle, as long as you keep placing bids.”

Remember that buyers are placing projects, but they have businesses to run too. This means they’ll take their own time in choosing providers for their projects.

My student placed 80 bids, then won two projects in one day, and five projects in the next week. Then she had to start rejecting projects because she was too busy.

3. Experience Equals  Money  – Build Your Portfolio and Feedback/ Testimonials

The more experience you have, the busier you are, so the more you can charge.

Every piece of feedback you receive, and all testimonials, will increase your income. So when you’re starting out, focus on building both your portfolio and your feedback.

4. Easy Marketing With Your Web Site – Miracles Come in Small Packages

Your Web site can be a never-ending source of writing jobs, but don’t expect to get a flood of clients on your first day. Your site takes time to start sending you buyers from the search engines. The longer your site is online, the more traffic.

5. Keep Your Clients Forever – Use Permission Marketing

When you get a client, ask their permission to stay in touch with them. Once you have 50 to 100 past clients, you’ll never need to hunt for writing jobs again – they will keep you very busy.


Source by Angela Booth