Making Money Online – Do it Now


When you tell people stories of  making   money  while you sleep with no effort, a vast majority look at you with extreme skepticism and even contempt for wasting their time and trying to “con” them. Factually most people also know that it is true that you can  make   online  with no effort while you sleep say by trading the markets, selling goods on eBay or even  making   money  from various means on your own website. However, this is generally dismissed or explained by these same people as for only the super intelligent, the overly technical, crazy or just plain lucky people.

I am here to tell you that not only is most of this downright lies but you would be severely short changing yourself and your family if you did not invest a significant portion of your endeavours  online  and I am not necessarily talking about  money . Currently approximately 10% of all sales of goods and services occur online and that number is growing fast. Now you may say well that is great but what does that mean for me and those figures are spouted by people all the time and they sort of become a blur after a while. That is true statistics these days can be manipulated to tell any story you like but I will give you some real examples to put this into context.

In terms of goods and services sales there is more happening at eBay than anywhere else on the planet even if you combine store groups together like Walmart and its subsidiaries in the US or the Coles Myer or Woolworths groups here in Australia. It equates to about $1,640US sales every second which is about US$14.2 million in sales every day. If you break this down further just for Australia, a car is old every 1 minutes, a DVD every 30 seconds and an item of women’s clothing every 14 seconds. Can you imagine if Big W store sold 2,880 DVDs a day or about 6,000 items of clothing. If they could manage that many sales they wouldn’t need to sell anything else! Currently about 53,000 Australia have eBay as either their primary or secondary form of income and about 35,000 businesses use it as their secondary stream of revenue. In total 20% of the entire adult population of Australia is a member of eBay which is about 3 million people.

I hope that put things into context for you and made it is easier to visualise in your head. Contrary to what you may be thinking this is not an article to laud eBay or even too necessarily to convince you to start selling there. Given those massive figure, eBay sales still fits into that 10% of all sales I mentioned earlier. Remember there are huge sites like Amazon and search engine giants like Google and Yahoo who also fit within that 10%, let alone all the other larger, medium and smaller players. If nothing else this should illustrate for you how massive an opportunity it is out there and that we are really still only in its infancy even with all those impressive numbers. Cast your mind back just 10 years ago and most of these companies I mentioned didn’t even exist let alone the market itself.

Unfortunately I don’t have enough space here to go into extreme detail about what you can do step by step but I will give you a brief overview of the opportunities that are out there. Did you know that you can get an entire book written for you for less than a $100 which you have full rights to sell? Did you know that you can get companies like Google, eBay and Amazon to send you cheques? Did you know with an Australian site like not only can you offer items for sale on LayBy with someone else managing the process for you for free but you can  make   money  when other people list items for sale and also when you buy items? Did you know you can  make  more  money   online  with no stock or payment handling of your own just selling other peoples great products? The list goes on and on and as I mentioned about all these things are that it takes little time, little  money  and requires no technical knowledge at all. The truth is that unlike real estate, share trading and business, this requires a lot less knowledge and far less  money  to get started and is easier and requires less time and effort to do anything.


Source by CJ Jacobs