Making Money Online For Beginners – Are You Certain That You Are Ready For This?


 Making   money   online  for beginners is so much more than just learning how to build a blog and smash some adverts on it. Are you sure you’re ready for this? It might turn your life upside down.

Are you ready for a tour on the roller coaster?

Warning: Learning how to  make   money   online  could change your life.

Last night, I was playing an online game with some friends. One of them mentioned that we had all been working late, and I said that truth to be told, I didn’t get up until 11AM, so I only had myself to blame for that.

“Oh, you’re lucky,” he replied.

In fact, this has little to do with luck, and a lot with planning and taking action.

More than ten years ago, I decided that I would  make  a living  online . The first couple of years, I was starving, because I had no one around to teach me how to do. I had to figure it all out for myself, and believe me: I made tons of mistakes!

Oh, I still do, by the way.

However, I am very grateful for the lifestyle, I’ve been able to obtain, thanks to what I’ve learnt about  making   money   online .

It takes work. Even lots of work, in fact. Don’t believe people who tell you that they are dazing on the beach all day, and just checking their bursting bank account every now and then.

You have to saw before you can harvest.

On the other hand, the work you have to do can be very pleasant. You decide yourself, what you want to do within your abilities.

A part of  making   money   online  for beginners is to learn how to perform self-discipline. At one point, you must decide when to get up and start working. You also have to plan how many hours you want to work per day or per week. And “work” doesn’t include chatting with friends, or hanging out on Facebook.

A huge part of getting started is to plan ahead.

Next, you have to learn. Today, it’s easy to find information, even for beginners. There’s no need to commit the same errors that others have done, when you can learn from their mistakes.

When you’re starting to  make   money , you will soon have to face a huge decision: Should you quit your day job or stay?

Only you can answer that question. Others can merely offer advice. My experience has been that you’re much more motivated to  make   money , when you know that you can only rely on yourself to do so.


Source by Britt Malka