Managing Work and Heartache While You're Going Through a Divorce


There’s nothing easy about divorce. A breakup isn’t just a breakup – it’s the end of something that was beautiful. That hurts and the hurt can follow you until you’ve finished healing.

Until then you just have to be strong and that can be hard when you’re around others, especially at work. Dealing with divorce isn’t easy, so here are some tips on how to stay productive at work through it all.

  1. If You Feel it’s Appropriate, Alert Your Boss

For some people, this is absolutely out of the question, but if your employer is someone you’re comfortable communicating with letting them know what you’re going through may help.

If you require time off work for a court session or to see your mediation divorce lawyer, they’ll be in the loop. It’s also important they know in case your ex attempts to harass you in the workplace.

  1. The Rest of the Office is Best Kept in the Dark

Even if you let your boss know, it’s best they know alone. Life is hard enough without being the subject of workplace gossip. If you’re asked what’s wrong you may want to avoid the topic or answer with generic replies. Keeping cool can be difficult at the moment and we can’t take back what’s been said.

  1. One Day at a Time, One Task at a Time

A divorce isn’t a small event and it can feel overwhelming at times. Breaking things down into smaller pieces can help with the healing process. Instead of thinking about weeks and months of heartache, focus on trying to feel a little bit better each day.

This concept can be brought in to work as well. You shouldn’t use work as a form of escape, but small tasks can help break up the mood. Even if you’re really not feeling work at the moment the focus it’ll take to stick to it and get those tasks done will take your mind off the breakup even if it’s only momentarily.

  1. Some Days will be More Difficult than Others

Some days will go by quickly and some not so much. When you’re having a bad day it can feel easier to just sweep how you feel under the rug and carry on. Unfortunately, that’s not always healthy and sometimes it’s downright impossible.

While you may not be able to immediately clock out of work, taking a short break and finding some time to acknowledge how you feel helps. Addressing your emotions regularly aids in understanding yourself and that’s wholly beneficial to your healing process.

  1. Establish a New Routine

Staying positive at a time like this can be hard but it’s so important. The little things you do every day might remind you of him so sometimes the answer is to change those things. Remind yourself that this new routine is part of your independence and you’ll eventually find your happiness again.

Coping with a divorce can be very difficult. A divorce can feel like the whole world is crashing around you. However, you have to remain focused to continue performing. Divorce, though it may seem sometimes, is not the end of the world. Falling apart is not an option. Remind yourself that everything will be okay.


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