Marketing Success: Exclusive Interview With Zack Chazin, One Of The Masterminds Behind Minneapolis’s Snowta NYE Festival


Snowta NYE Festival is set to take over the Minneapolis Convention Center on December 30th and 31st. Photo Credit: Tim McG Photo.

There are many music events taking place nationwide for New Year’s Eve 2017, and one celebration has risen to the top of the Twin Cities market: Snowta NYE Festival. Now in its second year, Snowta NYE is set to take over the Minneapolis Convention Center on December 30th and 31st and treat music lovers to top acts like Post Malone, Gucci Mane, Excision and The Paradox, Bear Grillz, Ookay, and Pretty Lights Live.

Last year’s Snowta NYE Festival was a huge success and this year is already bigger and better with a whole other night added, Alien Laser Tag, and much more. Snowta already sold out two tiers of GA 2-Day passes and now they have GA 2-Day passes available for $200, as well as single day tickets and VIP tickets. Home Business Magazine had the chance to sit down with Zack Chazin, one of the masterminds behind Snowta NYE Festival, and get the scoop on their marketing tactics and what to expect from this year’s event.

Snowta NYE Festival will feature a plethora of must-see acts, including Gucci Mane, Post Malone, Excision, and Pretty Lights Live.

HBM: What has been your most successful method of marketing Snowta NYE so far? Why do you think it has been so effective? 

Zack: “Last year before we announced Snowta, we launched a mystery website with nothing but a countdown clock. The website was We also had big influencers in Minneapolis post the website on all their socials using the hashtag #WTFisSnowta. It was driving people mad. I think people knew it was a new music festival coming because we originally launched it from our Zombie Pub Crawl Facebook page. Everyone was literally saying ‘WTF is Snowta?’

After last year’s success, the hashtag still lived on, but more in a super organic way. People would see pictures of Snowta and literally without knowing the hashtag, they would say WTF is Snowta?’ Now, with one of the heaviest NYE lineups in the country, people are STILL saying this. Seeing our lineup and saying to themselves and friends ‘WTF IS SNOWTA?’”

Last year’s Snowta NYE Festival was a massive success and this year is bigger and better with another night added, Alien Laser Tag, and more. Photo Credit: Tim McG Photo.

HBM: How does this year’s Snowta NYE differ from last year’s highly successful event? What inspired you to make these changes? 

Zack: “This year is a game changer for sure. The lineup alone sets it apart from any other NYE festival in the country. It was thoughtfully curated and handpicked from a team of music lovers. We wanted to see what we could get away with and how we could push the bar in the festival community. We added an indoor snowboarding rail jam, alien laser tag, human bowling, an arcade, and, not to mention – we are having Excision’s Paradox production team curate the sounds and lights on the main stage for both days of the music festival.

Snowta is a hybrid festival—we’re bringing the best festival headliners along with class A sound and production, all indoors in a classic music festival setting. Sometimes we even say to ourselves, ‘WTF is Snowta.’”

HBM: Why is Minneapolis the perfect place to host Snowta NYE? How has Snowta helped shape the EDM and music festival scene in the Twin Cities? 

Zack: “Minneapolis desperately needed this. We are one of the only major music markets without a proper dance festival. We are also blessed to have dance and hip hop cultures that THRIVE. Our goal was to bridge the gap and bring the communities together. What better day to do that than on NYE, the most celebrated night of the year?”

Snowta NYE Festival’s top-notch production and sound make it a truly magical experience for all.

HBM: Where do you hope to see Snowta NYE in three years? 

Zack: “I hope to see Snowta NYE as a family. Our Snowta Fam is what drives us. I want to see this family grow and grow and grow. Right now, we have tickets sold in close to 40 states + parts of Canada. I want Snowta NYE to be ‘the bar’ for NYE festivals, similar to what Electric Daisy Carnival is considered for summer festivals.”

HBM: Do you have any tips for other aspiring music festival event coordinators?  

Zack: “Take all of the money you have, put it on a table in front of you, then set it all on fire. If you can stomach watching it all burn, then you have what it takes to be a festival promoter.”

Snowta NYE 2017 will also feature performances by JOYRYDE, Lucy Luxe, Mija, and Minneapolis’s own Prof. Attendees will also be treated to a skate park, “human bowling”, an arcade, access to food and drink vendors, and more. For more info about Snowta NYE Festival and to purchase tickets, please visit You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Stay tuned for a full recap on the festival, coming soon!


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