Maximize Productivity with Fully’s Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk that Gives You the Freedom to Move


Spring is the perfect time to revamp your home office with a new desk that will help you work to the best of your ability. Many entrepreneurs love using standing desks, as they want the ability to sit, stand, and stay moving while they work. This helps them combat fatigue and maximize productivity each workday. For entrepreneurs looking for a new standing desk for their office, Fully’s Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk is a surefire hit.

“Studies have proven that we’re more productive if we move and change positions at least every 20-30 minutes,” says David Kahl, Fully’s founder and CEO. “That’s because we’re not meant to sit still all day. When our body feels sore or stiff, it’s generally asking us to change position. When our furniture doesn’t encourage us to move, we end up distracted by our aches and pains. Changing position and moving our bodies also generates the energy we need to fuel our creativity, and help us be fully present in our work.”

Named best standing desk by The Wirecutter four years in a row, the adjustable height Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk is truly leading the forefront of standing desks in terms of innovation and style. It features an easy-to use LED programmable handset that allows you to adjust the height so it can be low enough for a child to sit and high enough for a 6’7″ person to stand. The desktop also has an industry-leading lifting capacity of 350 lbs!

The desk also automatically (and smoothly) adjusts within one-tenth of an inch with the touch of a button! Eco-conscious entrepreneurs will also love how the sleek desktop is made from sustainable bamboo that was harvested without pesticides or fertilizers. Chic and design-forward, the desktop is also free of chemical dyes and stains that can cause damage to the environment–the desktop’s gorgeous color comes directly from the kiln.

Entrepreneurs will appreciate how the Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk is highly customizable to fit any office aesthetic. First, you can select from two shapes: Rectangle and Contour. For Rectangle desktops, you can select from seven sizes ranging from 30×27″ to 78×30″. For Contour desktops, you can select from three sizes ranging from 48×30″ to 72×30″. The desk’s frame is also available in Black, Silver, White, Alloy, and (JARVIS) Red.

Left to right: Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desks with a white frame and (JARVIS) red frame.

After selecting your desktop, you can choose whether or not you want Wire Management Grommets. Tech-savvy home business owners will love the Grommets, as they will keep phones and tablets charged and at the ready. You can also use one of the Grommets to plug in a desk light or speaker! After selecting whether or not you want Grommets, you can choose from two handsets: Standard Up/Down Switch or a Programmable Memory (so you can choose from your own pre-selected heights).

The Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk will amp up your productivity and style up your home office this spring and beyond. It retails for $395.00 and up and you can also add on other productivity-enhancing accessories like CPU Holders, Monitor Arms that are a great way to lift your computer screen up to the proper eye level and create more space on your desk, and aesthetically-pleasing chairs that are comfortable and also keep you moving.

The Jarvis Standing Desks are also available with earth-friendly powder-coated tops, laminate tops, and hardwood tops. For more information about the Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk, visit and you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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