Moms! Listen Up! Generate Extra Income Through Affiliate Marketing


Because of the increased flexibility of technology, more and more working mothers are managing to achieve a successful work-life balance because their careers can be accommodated by doing a certain amount of work, or indeed all of it, from home. This naturally involves having to use technology to touch base with your wider network, whether that’s sitting in on conference calls, writing reports to be emailed into the central hub, or any other permutations.

But if you are using your computer or smartphone for any length of time, gaining a degree of proficiency in various aspects of software or perhaps blogging, then you already possess the necessary skills to generate extra income. One way that this can be done is through affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is not a new business model but it is one that is certainly persisting due to its flexibility, and above all else, it’s convenience. There are two parties involved: a retail company offering products for sale via affiliate programs, and entrepreneurs who take on board the responsibility for promoting these items. This is very easily done if you have an existing web platform and the determination to get involved in some entrepreneurship yourself.

Choosing products

The first thing you need to do is decide which particular product or services you wish to promote. You have a choice of selecting items which are well-known, including popular brands, and signing up to promote these through your own website for a slice of commission. The only drawback with that approach is you will find yourself in a competitive marketplace.

It would be far better to concentrate on a niche area, preferably one you are already fairly clued up about. The secret of affiliate marketing is not to be seen as a salesperson who is simply going to sign up to a program, receive some hyperlinks from the retail company, then post these onto your own blog and expect the money to come rolling in. The key to being a successful affiliate marketer on the side is to develop a small but dedicated community who are interested in whatever it is that you are promoting.

Investing in dating sites

So if you are a working mother who has a modicum of spare time and is thinking about monetizing your blog in order to generate some extra income, one of the most lucrative areas you could think about investing in is the dating market. Relationship sites have exploded over the past few years to the extent that statistics are revealing something like half of all adults have looked online at some point, and one in five of all marriages have been instigated by strangers being introduced in an online environment. The nature of affiliate marketing is that while products can certainly be shifted on behalf of a retailer, services are equally game in the Internet environment. Dating niche affiliate marketing is an area which is potentially very lucrative indeed. For a slice of the action, this is what you would have to do.

Monetizing your blog

Preferably, you will already be running a blog which would have some sort of connection with dating or relationships. This could be absolutely anything from bridal wear to reviews of hotels which can be booked for receptions and so on. But once you have created your own niche, you can sign up to an affiliate program, receive hyperlinks from the advertiser, then integrate these with your own web content. Start to engage with your blog readership through writing strong content, and for every site visitor you encourage to follow your links and join the dating agency, you receive a commission.


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