Mom’s Side Hustle: Marketing Tips to Grow Your Brand


You started a side business with the hopes of bringing in a few extra bucks each month for your family. Turns out, you’re pretty good at what you do and your hustle is starting to take off. If you’re going to remain a success, however, you’ll need to really focus in on developing your brand. Utilizing both traditional and digital marketing techniques can get you in front of audiences that identify with what you have to offer – increasing your chances of success. Below are a few marketing tips to grow your side hustle:


If you don’t already have a website for your side hustle, now is the time to develop one. Your website serves as your digital business card and provides your customers with information pertaining to your brand. Though there are a lot of free templates out there you could consider, it may be worth consulting with a company that offers digital marketing services to help you. They can help you in designing a unique, aesthetically appealing, well optimized, fully-functional website that generates results. A well-designed website provides an impactful first impression which increases your online presence improving your chances of converting visitors to customers.

Print Materials and Interaction

Word of mouth will forever be one of the most affordable and successful methods of marketing. No matter where you are whether you’re at the kid’s school or in the grocery store, there is an opportunity to interact with members of the community and share your information.

You don’t have to make it seem like a pitch, instead simply have a conversation about things you can relate to like children, meal preparation, school, work, etc. You can use print materials like flyers, business cards, and postcards to hand out to those you connect with so they can learn more about your brand. Knowing that someone who runs a business is also willing to engage with the community goes a long way and will surely get you, new customers.

Social Media

Social media is another huge platform for marketing your side hustle. It is a digital platform that allows you to reach millions of users in an instant. You can set up social media profiles on various sites and begin connecting with your audience. Accepting requests, following others, engaging in conversation, sharing photos, and even providing decent content for them to read can help boost your brand. You can also consider practices like giveaways and contests, quizzes, email lists, blog posts, and more to get your audiences engaged in your brand.

Email Marketing

Believe it or not, email remains one of the most common methods of communication. People check their emails daily if not several times a day. If you want to reach the masses and keep your existing audience engaged, marketing through email can prove beneficial. It helps to keep your name fresh in their minds, keeps them informed about your brand and things related to your industry, it improves communication and increases sales. You can collect email addresses through your website, on social media, as well as in person. Then, you can set up a campaign that can include emails like newsletters, updated blog posts, coupons, flyers, and more.

You may have started this side hustle with the hopes of getting rid of your money troubles and bringing in a few extra bucks, but in today’s climate, it could easily take off in an instant. If you’d like to see if you can take your side gig to the next level, start by investing in marketing. Get your brand out there in front of millions, show them why you’re the person to do business with, develop relationships that go beyond the sale, and with time you could very well kiss your full-time job good-bye.


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