New Bloggers, You Can’t Be Scared of the Word No


New Bloggers You Can't Be Scared of the Word NoBy Susan Velez

As new bloggers, we’re scared of hearing the word NO.

This keeps most of huddled behind our computers pumping out content on our blog. While it’s great to continue writing fresh content for our blog, we never get new eyeballs on our blog, which means you’re basically writing awesome content for yourself.

So, what should you do instead of writing content just for yourself? Well, one of the things that has helped me start growing my blog is reaching out to other bloggers for guest posting opportunities.

However, you need to approach this like a kid. This means that you can’t let the word “no” scare you.

New Bloggers, Embrace the Word No

As adults, most of us don’t want to hear the word “no.” In fact, many of us will do unproductive things in our blogging business as long as we don’t have to worry about being turned down.

Remember when we were kids. We didn’t care if someone told us no. In fact, being told no caused us to do those things over and over again.

Or maybe it was just me?

As kids, our parents constantly told us no when we wanted to:

  • Swim out to the deep end of the pool
  • Skip school because we didn’t feel like going
  • Leave the dinner table before our vegetables were finished
  • Play video games instead of doing our homework
  • And more!

I could keep adding to the list. Maybe you said no to your child not too long ago.

Yet, children never shy away just because someone tells them they can’t do something. It’s almost like a challenge for them to see if they can get their way.

Think Like a Kid

I personally don’t have kids, but I do have a niece and nephew. Even if their parents tell them that they can’t do something, they don’t run and hide.

Instead, they will come back later and ask the same thing again.

As Adults, We Take No Literally

I am not sure what age we start being scared of the word “no.” I think it’s probably the same age when we start believing that we can’t be anything we want.

It’s true that some of us still believe that we can reach our goals. However, we don’t have that deep, child-like belief where they know they can be anything they want.

You know that age where they haven’t had their impressions skewed by society yet.

If you’re a new blogger, you’re going to have to stop being scared of being told no. Especially, if you’re serious about growing your blog.

You Can’t Take It Personally

I am not going to lie, whenever someone tells me no or ignores me, I feel like something is wrong with me. It’s even made me feel nauseous and embarrassed because I think I am not good enough.

However, I’ve learned to accept the fact that it has nothing to do with me. Maybe, I just reached out to that blogger on a bad day? Or maybe they already have a ton of guest posts queued up, and they don’t want anymore?

Regardless of why they said no, I am slowly starting to understand that I can’t take it personally.

I’ve reached out to several bloggers in hopes of being able to guest post on their blog. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people have ignored me.

If I took it personally, I wouldn’t be here on Holly’s blog. Instead, I would just put my Bose headphones on and keep writing content for myself.

However, I still reach out to other bloggers because I am always hearing how important it is to network with other bloggers and how guest posting can help you grow your own blog.

As a new blogger, it’s important to start creating virtual friendships to help you grow your blog. You can’t do it on your own. Well, you might be able to, but be prepared to work a lot harder and a lot longer before you see any success.

Every No Moves You Closer to Yes

I am not a salesperson; in fact, I suck at selling. However, ask any salesperson, and they will tell you that every no means you’re that much closer to a yes.

As a new blogger, I’ve learned that this is true. I’ve probably reached out to 12 or more bloggers asking for a guest posting opportunity.

To date, I’ve had four guest posts published. I am no different than you, I’ve only been blogging for about seven months, and no one knows me.

If some bloggers have accepted my guest post on their blogs, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t start guest posting too!

Don’t Be Scared

One of the main reasons new bloggers are afraid to reach out to other bloggers for guest posting opportunities is they’re scared.

We tend to believe that we have nothing to offer. After all, we just started our own blog. Why would someone allow me to guest post on their blog?

We’ve all had those feelings — heck I still have them even though I’ve already published four guest posts. You can’t let those deep-seated fears hold you back.

Remember, we all started from zero. Even the blogger that you’re reaching out to started at zero.

The most they can do is tell you no or ignore your email. Take the opportunity to learn from their feedback and try again.

Rinse and Repeat

Keep reaching out and networking with other bloggers. At first, you’ll feel like guest posting is not worth your time, especially if you’re posting on the wrong blogs.

However, it’s not a waste of your time. You’re building friendships, and you’re putting yourself in front of a whole new audience.

Eventually, you’ll end up on the right blog that drives a flood of traffic to your blog. You’ll get new subscribers and may even make some sales.

Not to mention, people will start to see you everywhere online. They’ll start to think that you’re an expert in your niche.

Reaching out and guest posting is not a waste of time. It’s one of the best ways to get in front of a whole new audience without having to spend any money.

So, let me know, have you started guest posting for other bloggers? If so what has your experience been like?

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