New Office Trend: Plant Service Companies


When you’re in an office for forty hours a week or more, you can sometimes start to feel a little trapped within your surroundings. Long meetings and slow shifts can make you or your employees feel like they just can’t wait for the weekend. However, did you know that there is a simple way to beautify the office, boost employee morale and make the office feel like home?

There is a new trend of using plant service companies in the office to bring greenery and life to the workplace. It may seem like such a simple move, but you’d be surprised by how much of a difference it would make in your workplace.

Ask yourself: would you prefer to work in a grey, tired-looking office space, or would you prefer to be surrounded by a garden of growing green?

The choice may seem pretty obvious, but in case you’re not convinced, check out more reasons why a plant service might be the next great move for your home office or workspace.

Plant Services Take Care of the Work

At this point, you might be thinking of running to the nearest garden supply store and picking out a few houseplants that suit your fancy. While it can be fun to cultivate your own office garden, it’s also a lot of work. Unless you or your coworkers have particularly green thumbs, or at least some training in gardening, it’s going to get expensive, fast.

By hiring a plant service, you’re leaving the hard work to the experts so you and your company can reap the benefits. Good plant services will take care of everything for you from head to toe. Office plant services like Inside Out Services promise a 360-degree experience.

Using interior design training and tactics, they will build out a custom interior landscape plan for your office using different varieties of plants. Once this design is improved, they will install the plants according to the plan. After that, they will provide regular maintenance to make sure the plants stay healthy, which includes services like watering, fertilizing, plant rotation, dusting and replacement of any wilting plants.

All of this service allows you to enjoy the beauty of office greenery without the struggle of trying to maintain it.

Visitors Love Plants

If you’re in an office that regularly sees clients, customers or anyone from the outside world, investing in a plant service will do you a lot of good. Clients want to feel positively about the office that they’re entering to do business, and a quick and simple way to help them feel like that is to just integrate a little bit of the outdoors in.

Plants instantly add a splash of color to any office, which can counteract the less exciting parts of an office’s design, like grey cubical walls or fluorescent lighting. When a client sees the effort put into an office’s design with plant services, it sends the message that the organization they’re about to work with cares about their business, their employees, and most importantly, their clientele.

Your Employees Will Thank You

The last and potentially most important reason to invest in a plant service is your employees or coworkers. Consider how they might feel working day after day in the same, unchanging environment, closed off from the outdoors and away from anything in nature.

Now, consider how they might feel if they came to work one morning and saw that the office had been transformed into a brighter, greener space. Not only will their initial reaction be positive, but also those good feelings will transform into higher morale and last as long as the plants do. The plants will improve the quality of air that they are breathing and give them something to look at and talk about with fellow coworkers. It would be an act of “turning over a new leaf” for your home office.

The Verdict

There are many ways to boost an office space’s appearance, but none will excite your employees or customers as much as a little greenery. Enlist the help of a plant service today and watch your office grow.

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