New Year, New Home Office: Enhance Your Spinal Health & Productivity With The Ergonomic X-Chair


As home business owners, we spend hours and hours staying stationary while typing away at our computers every day. That said, it is pertinent to choose comfortable office chairs that place a great focus on ergonomics and chiropractic health in order to prevent future spinal issues. Luckily, there is finally an office chair that does it all and provides the perfect lumbar support as you go about each business day: the revolutionary X-Chair.

The X-Chair is truly changing the face of office seating and helping entrepreneurs be more productive. Featuring a contemporary aesthetic, it molds to the shape of the user’s body and has 10 ergonomic adjustments for a comfy, glove-like fit. Even more impressive is the X-Chair’s groundbreaking Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Support that adjusts itself to the user’s shape in order to provide unsurpassable lumbar support the moment they sit down.

Users will love how the X-Chair has an adjustable height and depth, a height-adjustable backrest, an adjustable tilt tension and tilt lock, and 4-dimensional armrests with adjustable height, width, depth, and angle. Home Business Magazine had the chance to chat with Anthony Mazlish, CEO of X-Chair. He was happy to share what inspired the creation of the groundbreaking X-Chair.

“With X-Chair, we’re creating a product that combines both style and comfort with the latest technology,” Mazlish said. “Historically, it was either/or; a desk chair either had great design but provided no support, or it was comfortable but very clunky. As Americans spend more time working, and as our work spaces are changing, the need for a comfortable chair that promotes wellness through posture and movement became increasingly evident. X-Chair fills the void in office seating by creating products that place a strong emphasis on both design, comfort, and ergonomics.”

The X-Chair is truly a top pick for business owners who want to stay healthy and happy in the office. The chair’s SciFloat Infinite Recline technology allows the user to stay in motion throughout the work day, which in turn increases blood flow, focus, and productivity. Each X-Chair model also features Flex Mesh technology that suspends the user and removes weight from sensitive pressure points. Say “goodbye!” to discomfort!

With the X-Chair, business owners can enjoy an ergonomic seat customized specifically to them. There are four different models that all exude sophisticated elegance with their bold curves and polished aluminum accents: X1 is made with avant-garde Flex Mesh, Xcomes with ultra-comfortable K-Sport Fabric, and X4 features premium leather. You can also select between various colors (like lime green and cognac) to match your office decor.

According to Mazlish, the X3 seat also has many unique qualities, including the latest advancement in performance fabric technology: Advanced Tensile Recovery Fabric (ATR). ATR is a three-dimensional multilayered knit polymer that is applied to both the back and a highly resilient molded foam seat to support and cradle the user. Users will also love how the X3 is resistant to water, spills, and stains.

“It’s our belief that each individual requires a seating environment customized to their particular needs,” Mazlish says. “Physical wellbeing directly affects the quality of what we produce across all professional industries – whether an artistic sketch, financial report, floor plans or product design. Using advanced comfort technology developed over years of research and development, all of our products are designed to tailor to the sitter, increasing their productivity, ability to focus, and overall healthy work environment.”

For more information about why X-Chair is an essential for your home office and to see the entire line, visit their website.


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