New Year, New Home Office: Light Up Your Work Space With Sunlight Inside


There’s no doubt that the lighting in an office can make or break a home business owner’s productivity and mood during the day and ability to relax at night. For example, too low of lighting can cause eye strain and harsh artificial lighting can increase stress and cause restlessness at night when it’s time to wind down for sleep. Luckily, there is a solution! Sunlight Inside has created groundbreaking natural light innovations for home offices.

Exposure to natural sunlight boosts our moods, drives our hormone cycles, and synchronizes our circadian rhythm, ultimately impacting our daily motivation and work productivity. Our bodies are linked to the daily cycles of natural sunlight, so wouldn’t it be best to try to emulate these organic lighting changes in our home offices? Sunlight Inside has done just that with their mySun and bottled sunshine™ desk lamps that cycle from energizing sunlight in the morning to calming warm light to help you relax at night.

Many home business owners don’t get outside enough during the day, so Sunlight Insight lamps are the perfect way to bring the outdoor sunlight inside. They are also preset to the user’s address before shipment, so there is nothing to set up or install once they arrive. Home business owners will also love the lamps’ quality, efficient, and long lasting full spectrum light and how they are BLE enabled for easier control and higher functionality.

Known as the world’s first healthy desk lamp, Sunlight Inside’s myDesk lamp features an adjustable arm and clamp attachment and a bulb that lasts 20+ years, is brighter than a 60W bulb, and is 5x’s more efficient. They are also finished with aesthetically pleasing light oak wood, dark walnut wood, or black metal that you can match to your desk. myDesk lamps retail for $249.00.

The bottled sunshine™ desk lamps are light the way nature intended. Standing 8.75″ tall, they automatically follow the daily natural light cycles of your environment. You can select a gloss or matte finish for the shade and a base in either light oak wood, dark walnut wood, or metal (black or silver). Like the myDesk lamps, the bottled sunshine™ desk lamps’ bulbs also last 20+ years and are brighter and more efficient than a 60W bulb. These innovative and stylish desk lamps retail for $199.00.

Sunlight Inside’s revolutionary natural lighting solutions are changing the way that home-based entrepreneurs do their work each day. Definitely consider adding one into your own home office, as you will experience the positive benefits of natural lighting and notice an increase in productivity. These lamps also make great gifts for colleagues and clients! For more information and to see all of the Sunlight Inside products, visit their website.

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