Passion Is the Glue That Stimulates Commitment


Do you commit whole heartedly to a new project or venture. Do you see it through to completion and commit to whatever it takes or abandon your project half way through? To increase your stick-ability increase your passion. If you are only mildly interested you are not going to feel the enthusiasm to continue when the going gets tough, you are likely to flounder at the first hurdle.

So before you start, is the project something you want to do or is it something someone else wants you to tackle? How strong is your desire, why do you want to do it? How will the finished result make you feel? Do you feel the commitment required warrants the effort necessary to complete it. How passionate do you feel about the project, is it a burning desire?

So if you score well on all these points, dwelling on the end result and how much it will mean to you will help you to increase your commitment. Visualise the end result, set a date for its completion and a plan to execute it in the time-scale. The more you dwell on the end result the more excitement you will feel for the tasks required. It will become a labour of love. You will enjoy the hours you commit to your project. The drive and passion will grow and help keep you on track to achieve your dream.

Think of all the people who set out to build their houses and execute it to the end despite set backs and running out of money, they find a way despite challenges. Did you see on the news the group of elderly ladies that 20 years ago set out to build a community housing project so that they could all live in close proximity and help each other. Their dream finally came to fruition, the oldest lady was in her eighties. They are now advising a couple of other groups to do the same. Take heed if they can do something as large as that, you can achieve a simple project.

Believe in yourself and your abilities, each project you complete will help you grow. You will gains stick-ability and belief that will be better than will-power alone. Do something every day to advance your project so that your desire doesn’t grow cold. This will enable you to see progress and of course never give up.

So what is your new venture or project? What are you going to see through to the end and enjoy the result of? Could it be you want to work at home like 2,000,000,000 others that are searching Google to find ways to do just that.

Affiliate marketing is a simple way to begin online, and with the guidance of a coach who provides excellent products and good training you can start earning commissions whilst you are learning the necessary skills.

So whatever your new project or venture follow it through to the end and you will feel the satisfaction and achievement. You don’t want to leave a trail of half completed projects behind you any more, become dynamic and confident in your ability to achieve. Not only that but you will achieve your dreams.


Source by Anne O’Dwyer