Redesign Your Home Office to Be More Efficient and Tech Savvy


So you work at home, free from the office hustle; gossiping workmate, dress codes, unsuitable working environment and inflexible schedule. Linear actuators provide a platform for automating tools in order to enhance the environment to your best fit. It is possible at your home where you should be comfortable to find yourself in the same undesirable situation. Working at home means taking control of your environment in order to fully concentrate on the task you have to complete. Environmental enhancement involves controlling your aeration, designing suitable furniture that is automated and automating your kitchen operation. This article purposes to write about how you can improve your home office using linear actuators (see more here).

Controlling aeration

Imagine the hustle you may have to open and close the windows so to control the air condition of your home office. With linear actuators and combination of microcontroller, you do not need to be concerned with this. The linear actuator motion under the control of the microcontroller acting on a programming script will interact to bring the kind of automation you need on your windows and doors.

Closing and the opening of windows and doors is facilitated with the help of a recliner. Using a recliner requires one’s physical power in order to swing the window or door. But you can replace this by installing a linear actuator that is controlled with a remote. With the remote you won’t have to move from your seat to open the door or window so that fresh air comes in, neither will you be required to physically shut down the window or the door to prevent polluted air from making it to your office. With linear actuators installed you can also control the positioning of the window to allow a certain percent of air to come into the room using your remote.

Designing of suitable furniture that is automated

At your home office, you need a comfortable chair and table that would not tire you. For instance, if you have an article to read so that you may come up with a report just adjust the seat to suit your sitting position and when writing the report you may choose another position. This adjustment can be implemented by use of linear actuator and controllers. Also, the lifting and lowering of your table can be automated by use of linear actuators.

Automating your entertainment

There is a lot of lift and swivel was designed with built–in the actuator to automate the entertainment tools stand and positioning. Mainly you will consider the positioning of the cable box, router, Blueray player and sound system. If you want your TV to shift from angle to angle to best suit your vision you can mount a linear actuator to enhance the functionality. Alternatively, you can mount the linear actuator on your stand to move the position of the TV up and down to suit the viewer.

How to secure your home

Maybe you work entails moving to and fro the poster, then you would have to install a security camera that rotates to get all angles of your home. Linear actuator with the help of controller and the pre-installed program can be very useful in swiveling and moving around the camera.


With the broad application of linear actuators, your home can utilize these ubiquitous tools to facilitate the functions. With the help of microcontroller and pre-installed programs, these tools are pivotal in home office automation.

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