Shopify Membership at TemplateMonster: Get Premium Themes in Bulk with 99% off the Price


Get ready for the breaking news that will change the lives of Shopify developers and online retailers using this platform. TemplateMonster has launched a new subscription service allowing you to buy Shopify themes in bulk and save 99%. Over a year, your savings can exceed $43,000. Got intrigued? Read on to learn about this game changer of eCommerce in detail.

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms with over a million of active users. Ambitious entrepreneurs from around the world choose it for its intuitive interface, advanced functionality, and top-notch support. What makes Shopify especially appealing to online retailers is the fact that there’s no need to pay for hosting and store maintenance. Shopify professionals take it upon themselves. All you need to do is to install a theme and add products. It seems simple, but there’s still one pitfall.

The way your store looks and how user-friendly it is are the things that matter just as your product quality and pricing. To succeed in eCommerce, you must use a theme of the highest quality, which is what TemplateMonster products are all about.

Quality of TemplateMonster Shopify Themes

The fact that you can buy Shopify themes so cheap doesn’t mean the company is trying to get rid of its outdated items. Subscribers will get access to the latest Shopify themes with ultramodern, conversion-oriented designs. Stylish on the outside and powerful at the back-end, they comply with all the eCommerce trends of today:

• responsive design to generate mobile sales;
• SEO-friendly structure and code to attract more shoppers from Google;
• multi-currency support to let customers pay in their national currency;
• comfortable shopping experience thanks to a sticky mega menu, wishlist, quick view, sorting options, online chat, all the necessary web forms, etc;
• engaging homepage with many ready-to-use sections, e.g. featured products, banners, gallery, slideshow, carousel, newsletter popup, testimonials, etc;
• multiple customization options to adapt the default theme look to your corporate style.

In the TemplateMonster collection, there are Shopify themes for multiple niches including technology, fashion, entertainment, food, sports, cars, and many others. Regardless of your target niche, you’ll find the design custom-made for it. The company is also the only provider of ready-made themes that will readily support you for free whenever you need. It can be the day of purchase or a year since then.

As an example, learn about a multipurpose Shopify theme by TemplateMonster in this video.

Compare Shopify Subscription Plans

To get premium Shopify themes almost for nothing, you can subscribe to one of three plans. Check out what each of them provides and how much it costs.

Bronze Plan: $228 ($19 per month), 60 themes (5 themes per month), save $8,340

Silver Plan: $348 ($29 per month), 120 themes (10 themes per month), save $16,680

Gold Plan: $588 ($49 per month), unlimited themes at once, save $43,090

To compare, a single site license for a Shopify theme costs $139.

Benefits for Online Retailers

What’s the point in storing so many Shopify themes if you are a retailer? Let’s say you subscribe to the bronze plan and get 60 unique designs. That’s actually more than any category of TemplateMonster Shopify themes contains, except for fashion with 80+ products. It will let you try out every theme developed specifically for your niche. After testing different designs, you’ll figure out which one performs best for your store.

For example, if you sell electronics, you will be able to try 25 different designs currently available in this category and also experiment with 35 themes more from other categories. TemplateMonster Shopify themes are highly customizable and can be adapted to literally any niche.

In a while, you may also want to redesign your store or even build a new one. Such a wide choice of themes will come in handy for you at that moment.

Benefits for Developers

Shopify membership at TemplateMonster gives an opportunity for developers to cut expenses on themes. When you develop a new store with a theme, you need an individual license for it. The less you invest in themes, the bigger net profit you’ll make. Really, have you ever bought a theme of top quality for $2 or $3? That’s what Shopify themes will cost you if you subscribe to the TemplateMonster service. Depending on the plan you choose, you will grow your revenue by $8,000+, $16,000+ or $43,000+. It’s a gold mine for Shopify developers.

Which Plan Is Best for You

The choice of the right subscription plan depends on the number of customers your serve a month.

Bronze Plan. It’s ideal for developers who are just starting out and don’t get more than 5 orders a month. For less than the price of 2 themes, you will be able to build 60 stores. By the way, do you need to get certified as a professional developer? Welcome to the Certification Center.

Silver Plan. It’s meant for small web studios that get up to 10 orders a month. For less than the price of 3 themes, you will be able to build 120 stores. Dreaming about your own web studio? Learn how to launch it in the TemplateMonster Marathon .

Golden Plan. It’s a perfect option for larger companies that receive more than 10 monthly orders. For the price of 4 themes, you’ll get instant access to all the Shopify themes in the TemplateMonster marketplace. There are currently 320 unique designs, but this number is constantly growing.

Verdict on Shopify Membership

Whether you are an online retailer or a professional developer, you never know how the appealing theme will perform on your site until you buy it. If it turns out to be far from a perfect fit, congratulations! You wasted your money and will have to spend more on a new theme. Or you can keep the unsuitable design, but it may affect your business. If you used it for your own store, customers may dislike its interface and never come back. If you are a professional developer and built a store for clients, they may never want to deal with you again.

With TemplateMonster subscription service, you’ll have an opportunity to test-drive multiple designs for a fixed cost to find out the best one. Also, where else can you save up to 99%? It’s currently the most lucrative offer on the market.

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