Smruti M. Patel


Smruti Patel works with organizations and leaders looking to accomplish exceptional goals. Her field is executive education which includes cross-cultural training but her first love is leadership coaching. Smruti’s career spans law, corporate consulting and running her own international practice since 2009 with a mission dedicated to “enabling potential worldwide”. Smruti brings a unique combination of intellectual rigor, keen business acumen and practical experience. Moreover, she exercises a high degree of discretion and tact in handling the most sensitive issues.

With over 600 hours dedicated to coaching leaders that include CEOs, executives, lawyers, entrepreneurs and commanding officers in the U.S. armed forces, Smruti is an expert at her craft who is repeatedly hired by leading organizations.

Smruti obtained her Masters in International Law and Leadership Coaching Certification from Georgetown University and is currently specializing in conflict coaching. Smruti is easy to trust and characterized by her warmth and humor.


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