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I first heard of  Stella & Dot back in 2007. A friend of a friend had just started selling it and wanted to let me know so I could include it in my research for the website I was going to launch. One look and immediately fell in love with the stylish jewelry and Stella & Dot - A Home-Based Business for Style Enthusiastsaccessories!

Fast forward a couple of years, after I had already launched The Work at Home Woman. I was connecting with lots of women both locally and nationally. It was at this time that I met Tracy Bennett, a Stella & Dot Stylist. She reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in hosting a show for her.

I usually don’t agree to this sort of thing, for individuals that I don’t know very well, but I felt compelled to help a fellow mompreneur, and I adore Stella & Dot’s products — so I decided to host a trunk show for her.

Everyone at the party loved the jewelry, even my mom, who typically doesn’t splurge on fashion accessories. It was after this party that I started looking more in-depth into the Stella & Dot business opportunity.

Since that time, I’ve had many interactions with Stella & Dot and their Stylists.

In fact, I had the pleasure of meeting, Tysh Mefferd at the Austin Woman Magazine’s Luncheon and Networking Event. She’s been a Stylist with Stella & Dot for TEN years, and her story is AMAZING!

She was actually a business owner in the wedding industry when Hurricane Ike hit the Gulf Coast causing the Houston economy to tank. So to help out with some medical bills, Tysh started selling Stella & Dot jewelry. What started out as a side gig, quickly turned into a full-time career that’s enabled her husband to leave his law career as well. You have to listen to her story where she goes into detail about her history and the opportunity — it’s super inspiring!

What is Stella & Dot?

Stella & Dot is a direct sales company that sells boutique-style jewelry, watches, handbags, sunglasses, gifts, tops, and accessories through Independent Stylists. The one of a kind collections are designed by New York and California designers and have been featured in Gossip Girl, In Style, and Lucky Magazine as well as on the wrists and necklines of today’s hottest celebrities.

In 2016, they launched the Covet Collection which includes fine jewelry made of diamonds and 14k gold, as well as pebble-grain leather handbags and accessories. And in 2018, they broadened their clothing options, now selling dresses, graphic tees, shirts, tunics, and more.

How Do You Get Started Selling Stella & Dot?

Individuals can start a Stella & Dot business by purchasing a starter kit for $199, which includes $350 in product samples (your choice), professional business supplies such as lookbooks, order forms, training materials, and more. Additional jewelry and accessories can be purchased for 50% off.

The average trunk show is just over $1,000 in sales, earning the Stylist between $250 to $300 for a 90-minute party.

Stylists make up to 35% in commissions on core products, plus they can earn free business supplies and additional jewelry samples each month. If you choose to build a team, you can receive up to 18% on your team’s sales. The Stella & Dot opportunity can be a fun side gig, or it can evolve into a full-fledged six-figure business.

Stylists can also earn incentive trips, prizes, free jewelry, and more.

Is Stella & Dot a scam?

No, Stella & Dot is not a scam. It is a multi-level marketing opportunity that was started by the work-at-home mom, Jessica Herrin in 2007. Since that time, Jessica has grown the business to record heights. Stella & Dot has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

There do have some complaints that the jewelry is overpriced and that the products are poor quality. I’ve personally bought many pieces and never had any problems or complaints. Of course, the best way for you to make a decision about the products is to host a show, and test and feel them out for yourself.

What are my thoughts on the Stella & Dot career opportunity?

I’m already a fan and purchaser of the products, but what I like about this company is the extensive training and community that they offer their Stylists.

Another aspect I like is, it seems like it would be easy to sell in everyday life – meaning that you simply wear the jewelry or clothing out and about, and when someone asks about it, you give them your business card or a catalog.

The third thing I really like is the products and price points. There are items that cost as little as $22, and items that cost as much as $298 which makes it easy to appeal to a wide array of budgets. And with the higher price point items, your overall show average is higher making it easier to increase your overall paycheck. They also have a huge product line which will appeal to a wide variety of styles and tastes.

Stella & Dot comes out with new products in the spring and fall, and they also give back to the community through their Stella & Dot Foundation. Since the Foundation’s inception in 2010, over $2.7 million has been donated worldwide to causes like breast cancer and autism.

If you’d like to find out more about the Stella & Dot career opportunity, click here.

Join in June and get even more free jewelry! 

Be sure to take advantage of their June Special. New stylists who join in June will get an additional $150 in products! The best part is that this offer applies to all three Stylist Kits – the Essentials Kit, the More to Love Kit, and the Ultimate Kit! Click here to get the full scoop!

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