Strategies for a Modernized and Comfortable Home Office Haven


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Home based businesses have increased in the past five years. Several entrepreneurs have launched out on their own without proper knowledge on how to start their own business. Majority of small business owners are not focused on the menial tasks involved.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer or work from home, you need a workspace that accommodates your overall office needs.

The first step in managing a business is the organizational process. When you run a business, it should not run in dysfunction. A cluttered office is known to decrease energy, motivation and enthusiasm. It also enhances frustration and stress.

You need to be at the top of your game. It’s time to transform your work area from organized chaos to an office haven.

Technology is one of the leading developments for any type of business to run efficiently. Understanding your specific business needs will help you make wise, cost-effective decisions when purchasing office equipment and software.

Mobility is King

Long are the days of being chained to a desk. In this ever-changing phase of technical advances, mobility is a necessity.  Ensuring that your website is visible on mobile devices is critical to your business since potential customers or clients are using mobile devices to access products and services. Having a smartphone or android also provides unlimited communication options and provides promotion and marketing analysis at your fingertips.

Tablets are the new laptops. The sleek design makes it easier to transport anywhere and provides all the functions that a laptop provides minus the accessibility of USB ports. Although these timely portable devices are convenient, it does not eliminate the use of a laptops or desktops.

In many cases, desktops are still needed, especially if you’ve decided to open a design or photography business. A large monitor is essential for pumping out those visually aesthetic projects.  When you’re deciding what top priority is, you need to consider your overall needs which will also save you time and money in the long run.

Go All in with Comfort

While running a home business, you can easily become complacent with the minor details. With the long-term effects of back, neck, wrist or eye strain, you must ensure that your workspace is comfortable and properly aligned. Ergonomics is mandatory to your overall health. As simple as it may seem, it’s often overlooked until a health issue arises.

Here are a few things to consider for your home office:

  • Sit or stand desk that can be electronically elevated for optimum performance.
  • Padded chairs made of suede or leather with a variety of seating positions with wheels for mobility.
  • Proper lighting: A variety of natural sunlight and artificial light with the option of utilizing blinds or shades to block out glare.
  • Office location should be preferably away from traffic, family and other distractions. It helps if you can work in a serene environment.

Setting up Your Workstation

An organized workspace also consist of correct placement or arrangement of equipment and furniture in your location. For example, reaching for office supplies that blocks the printer area or climbing over boxed inventory can be a hazard or a workman’s compensation case if you have employees.

Your workspace should be clear of clutter. Each item should have its own home and there should be a designated space for all office equipment. A well-thought out space will enhance productivity. Simple things like reference books or files should be properly placed on a book shelf or file cabinet.

Just as one would function on a 9 to 5, you should adjust your home office to accommodate a traditional work environment. However, you have the freedom to create a space that represents your business or personal style. Don’t forget to add beauty to your space:  An abstract painting or variety of hanging, table or floor plants can make a tremendous difference and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Color and design is equally important. Selecting vibrant wall paint will elevate the appearance and also enhance your mood. You can either go bold, neutral or subtle. The color vibration is according to your individual taste and personality. When considering design, do not forget to incorporate texture. Three-dimensional, organic art pieces adds interest. Don’t overlook the materials that office furniture is made from. Whether it consists of wood, glass, acrylic or some other raw material, it should complement the space.

Digital Space is Relevant Too

There are a variety of online resources that are helpful in organizing your finances, taxes, recordkeeping, time-management, work processes and daily tasks. You ought to seek out the appropriate software tools that suits your needs.

Here are a few online resources that will get you started and keep you on the right track:

Invoice generator: or

Time Management: or

Time Tracking: or

Digital Filing Made Simple

It’s best to start out with an organized email management and a digital file system. Understanding how to properly name documents and files once your venture begins to grow, sets up your business for success. Although adjustments and changes can always be made, having a unified digital space in the beginning will eliminate frustration down the road.

Your files should be easily retrieved and have a cohesive, systematic order when saving information. Utilizing caps is helpful when creating digital folders. Subfolders should also be categorized for simple retrieval. Once you have a method that works, stick to it. Nothing is worse than trying to find information that even the search bar cannot seem to locate.

Cloud management is an option, but ensure that you backup all documents and files in multiple locations to ensure online safety and off site access for business trips and short-term travel engagements.


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