Study Says Parents Have About 2,000 Arguments with Kids Per Year, and Win Less Often Than You'd Think


Ever wonder how normal your constant bickering and arguing is with your children? Well, if you’re like the average family, chances are you and your kids will disagree about six times a day, adding up to 2,184 times a year.

That’s one of the many findings of a new, eye-opening survey commissioned by juice-drink brand Capri-Sun, which polled 2,000 parents of children ages 2 to 12.

The survey also found the most common triggers for parent-child arguments. At the top, which parents and kids disagreed about over half the time, was kids not finishing all their food or drink. In second place was messy rooms, and in third was little ones complaining about being hungry but not wanting to eat healthy. Rounding out the top five are children complaining they are full after barely touching their food, and siblings fighting with each other, the Mirror reports.

As for the outcome of these constant arguments, the poll revealed that parents triumph over their kids only 53 percent of the time, and have to compromise with their kids about five times a day, for a total of 16 minutes, to maintain order at home.

The survey, however, wasn’t all about fighting—it also asked parents how they react when their kids do what they’re asked. Almost nine out of 10 give their kids a reward, via things such as extra time on gadgets or pocket money, but 45 percent said they take away screen time as punishment.


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