Style Up Your Home Office With Majestic, One-Of-A-Kind Turkish Rugs From Unique Rug Store


Spring is finally here, and business owners everywhere are looking for ways to revamp their home offices and create a personalized workspace that will inspire them every day. For those who want to give their office floor a whole new look, Unique Rug Store’s breathtaking, one-of-a-kind Turkish rugs are a perfect solution. They will add a mesmerizing dash of color, personality, sophisticated elegance, and joy to your office.

Unique Rug Store produces enchanting one-off Turkish rugs and Kilims using traditional, handcrafted techniques. A definite conversation starter for all visiting clients, the rugs are fashioned from original handmade and organically dyed wool and cotton blend vintage Turkish rugs. The company uses an array of design mechanisms to design a truly one-of-a-kind rug. They are also available in a range of sizes, from 3×5 feet to 12×18 feet.

The Overdyed Rug Collection is sure to be a hit with all home business owners.

The Overdyed Rug Collection features designs that were produced from Turkish carpets that are at least 40-50 years old. Each carpet is carefully picked and undergoes an innovative color neutralization process before being over-dyed in thrilling, rich new colors. This brings forth rugs that are the perfect fusion of traditional Turkish carpet design and a contemporary Vintage style.

The Patchwork Rug Collection features enchanting rugs that are fashioned from portions of 50-80-year-old Turkish antique rugs.

The Patchwork Rug Collection takes recycling to an innovative and gorgeous new level. These stunning, hand-knotted rugs are created from portions of Turkish antique rugs that are 50-80 years old, all over-dyed in vibrant hues. Featuring hand-sewn edges, the distinctive patchwork rugs are produced from cut up pieces of old Turkish rugs that are beautifully sewn together in an array of new designs and sizes. The colors and designs are hand-selected so they combine in a harmonious way that is aesthetically pleasing.

Unique Rug Store’s wool Kilims feature exceptional Anatolian artwork.

Unique Rug Store also offers a vast selection of lovely Kilims that are true artistic masterpieces, all crafted by skilled artisans in Turkey. Tenderly restored to preserve their distinctive patina after years of gentle aging, each rug keeps its classic old-world charm and unparalleled character. Hand-selected for their exceptional Anatolian artwork, the wool kilims are spectacular treasures for your office space.

Unique Rug Store’s exquisite rugs and kilims retail for $67 and up at their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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