Sundance 2017 Marketing: Canon Hosts Creative Studio Daytime Lounge & Party For Film Influencers


Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 11.13.40 PMEveryone in the media and movie industries knows that the annual Sundance Film Festival is a powerhouse for publicity and marketing purposes. Canon U.S.A. definitely took note of that during the first weekend of Sundance 2017, as they hosted an exclusive daytime lounge and cocktail party for the film festival’s top influencers. Throughout the weekend, Sundance actors, film makers, and movie enthusiasts got to engage in a special Canon Creative Studio and get an inside look at their groundbreaking cameras and equipment.

Home Business Magazine had the opportunity to check out the Canon Creative Studio and see what the buzz was all about. The highly exclusive, invite-only attraction featured live cinematography panels with and an interactive display of Canon’s must-have cameras and equipment. Another major highlight was a photographer taking high quality professional portraits of each of the attendees. It was the perfect way for influencers to get their hands on a brand new headshot for their portfolio, bio, and social media platforms.

In addition to the lounge, Canon held their fifth annual “Raise Your Glass to Cinematography” cocktail party to celebrate all of the crew members of Sundance 2017. There was also a special screening and Q & A for The Calling, the first film shot on the EOS C700. Director Tyler Stableford and cinematographer Russell Carpenter, ASC explored the versatility of the C700’s low light capabilities and vast dynamic range. The screening was followed by an in-depth Q & A with the filmmakers.

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Attendees could also sign up for a Canon Live Learning Hands-On Camera Workshop, which featured topics like 4K DSLR Filmmaking, Lovely LUX: Canon Cinema EOS After Dark, and Shooting for HDR. These engaging workshops were perfect for both seasoned and aspiring filmmakers, as attendees could see how Canon supports everything related to filmmaking, from pre- through post-production. Aside from these workshops, the Canon Creative Studio hosted exciting panels with esteemed guests like Academy Award nominee Matthew Heineman and cinematographer Jim Frohna (of the I Love Dick TV series).

In all, Canon made great strides to connect the brand name to the filmmaking prestige of Sundance 2017. Attendees all left with a newfound knowledge of Canon’s revolutionary line of filmmaking equipment, and they also had the perfect space to network and plan future projects together. The Canon Creative Studio and cocktail party were successful Sundance 2017 brand marketing efforts that resulted in an increased awareness and acceptance of Canon as one of the top major players in the filmmaking industry.


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