Take Your Morning Caffeine Kick to a Whole New Level with the Jamber Coffee Mug


To jumpstart and maintain productivity, many home based business owners love drinking a mug of coffee or tea each morning and refilling it as the workday goes on. Now, there is a whole new way for entrepreneurs to enjoy their favorite caffeine kick! They will love the innovative and patent-pending Jamber coffee mug, which was designed by engineers to conform to the hand for maximum ease and comfort while drinking.

Created by husband-and-wife duo Diana and Allen Arseneau, the Jamber has revolutionized the coffee mug industry (which hadn’t seen innovation for over 4,000 years). Over a 2.5-year period, Team Arseneau used a science-driven method to create a groundbreaking, patented mug that puts your hand into an anatomical neutral (functional rest) position. This means that your hand is actually relaxed when holding the mug, even if it is full!

The Jamber coffee mug was created by entrepreneurial husband-and-wife duo Diana and Allen Arseneau.

“What started as a project to help Allen’s grandfather drink his coffee without pain became something much larger. Very early on, we realized we were creating an innovative solution that is relevant for everyone, and it changed the way we think about how each of us interacts with everyday products. Through bioengineering and the use of 3D printing, Jamber has created a ceramic coffee mug that anyone can hold with ease – with a relaxed hand and an effortless grip (no thumbs needed).” – Diana Arseneau, COO & Co-founder

The Jamber mug offers one of the most unique and hassle-free drinking experiences. It is perfect for a home office, as you are free to get up and walk around with your coffee or drink without taking your eyes off your computer screen, and you’ll be confident that you won’t spill a drop. It also features chic sculptural lines, an indented grip that makes it effortless to hold, and a balanced weight and stabilizing foot so you don’t have to worry about knocking it over onto your keyboard (a fear all entrepreneurs have).

“Using Jamber is like trading up from a $2 flip-flop to a Nike Air sneaker. Some have even called Jamber the Nike Air of coffee mugs. We’d agree.” – Allen Arseneau, COO & Co-founder

Jamber just introduced their Incline Designs that feature a splash of color (Moroccan Blue, Admiral Blue, and Ruby Red) across a Dove White gloss ceramic. Jamber is also available in Lemon Zest. Dishwasher-save, microwave-safe, oven-safe, and made in the USA, the Jamber coffee mugs are available in 12oz. and 16oz. and retail for $12.99 and up at www.Jamber.com.


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