The 10 Best Articles on Getting Rich


Most people wish to get rich, but the goals of becoming wealthy are not understood clearly because of the common myths in society. Contrary to prevailing beliefs, you do not need to have enormous knowledge about personal finance, have an economic degree background, or come from a rich family so that you can become rich. It is, therefore, important to examine some of the best 10 articles that explain clearly how you can get rich.

8 Savings Challenges You Can Use To Save More in 2018


The first article is from, and it shows that most savers may be willing to save, but lack knowledge on the savings challenges. Fortunately, the mentioned article provides savers (and potential savers) with 8 saving challenges to save more money. Some of the challenges include bi-weekly savings challenges, an expense tracking challenge, 365-day challenge, spare change challenge, little vices savings challenge, weather savings challenge, no spend challenge, and 52 weeks challenge.

5 things rich people confess to sacrificing to get rich


The writer explains that it is never easy to get rich. The secret to getting rich, the writer claims, is making sacrifices. Some of the sacrifices rich people make include driving older vehicles, avoiding unnecessary travels, owning modest homes, tolerating higher stress levels that is work-related, and taking time away from their family or social lives.

How to Get Rich: 11 Bold Moves That Guarantee Wealth


The article examines claims that getting rich is simply a state of mind. If you want to get rich, you must make changes in life: exploiting self-employment skills, investing more, becoming an inventor, joining a startup and getting stock, developing property, building a portfolio of shares and stocks, finding the right job, cutting expenses, saving and others.

Learn How to Become Rich


The article talks about the philosophical aspect of becoming rich by examining some truths, which may help you understand the nature of challenges to be faced when trying to accumulate surplus capital. Such includes changing the way one thinks about money, developing a clear understanding of small amounts power, understanding that every dollar buys you freedom, taking responsibility for your life and becoming an owner of what you understand as the first step towards accumulating wealth.

11 things to give up if you want to be a millionaire


The article examines Steve Siebold, (self-made millionaire) who claims that everyone has a possibility of becoming a millionaire. He explains that to become a millionaire one must change one’s lifestyle and make sacrifices. The things people should avoid include thinking small, emphasizing much on saving, having a steady paycheck, flexible deadlines, entertainment, purchasing what one cannot afford, nostalgia, toxic relationships, fear, being comfortable and low expectations.

I studied millionaires for 5 years and realized being ‘rich’ comes down to only two things


The writer of this article interviewed 233 wealthy people to find an answer to the secret of becoming rich. He (the author) realized that becoming a rich person is always about two things: accumulating wealth and maintaining the accumulated wealth.

Secrets of the rich: Think like a millionaire


The article explains that it is crucial to study millionaires and see what they do right. The common ingredients to a wealthy recipe entail focus and inspiration to make money, and making savings and investing wisely.

How to become a millionaire in 7 easy (hah!) steps


You may be thinking that the only way you can become rich is through a lottery win or getting an inheritance from your wealthy parent. However, the author of this article asserts that getting rich can be achieved for those who start early and young and develop the desired habits. People at any age may also develop the necessary habits to reduce debt and increase wealth. The steps for one to become a millionaire are clear: developing a financial plan, saving, living below your means, starting a business, avoiding unnecessary credit, getting professional advice and investing more.

The practical, unsexy steps it takes to actually become a millionaire


The article provides several guidelines for someone who wants to become rich. These include thinking long term, living below your means, understanding that financial independence is important, allocating time, money and energy towards building wealth, and having many sources of income.

The Secret Ingredient to Becoming a Millionaire


The writer of the article explains that the secret of getting rich is starting to invest as early as possible. The investments will generate interest, which will in turn increase your wealth.

In summary, the article has examined 10 articles on building wealth, investing, and the management of money, which all have one goal: helping you to get rich. The articles will help your journey towards getting rich be much easier. In other words, it is important to read the advice from the articles to get a clear strategy and adjust expectations towards becoming a rich person in life.

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