The Importance of Accurate Valuations for Car Dealers


Getting the estimate right for clients can be the make or break of a sale and as such it should be prioritised. Gone are the days of the seventies when car dealers had a bad reputation. In today’s modern, data driven society, car dealers can fight this stigma and provide accurate valuations for customers.

Copyright: wavebreakmediamicro / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: wavebreakmediamicro / 123RF Stock Photo

Every day changes

With different makes changing in popularity and trends influencing purchasing, a car’s value can fluctuate significantly. To stay on top of trends and market influences, companies like CAP HPI offer accurate valuations for a number of vehicles and can really help dealers to get the most from their sales.

Data drives purchasing

Keeping a digit on the data pulse means you can be sure not to undercharge for a future classic. In the last year, Ford, for example have rethought their whole strategy and this has led to increases in the prices of old classics, in anticipation of their new range. Collecting this data on trends and consumer behaviour will mean you’ll know when there is likely to be a boom for certain makes and how to value a car accurately.

Build trust

Car dealerships are one of the most prominent industries in creating a culture of trust. Characters like Arthur Daly and even Derek Trotter have created the caricature of a dodgy dealer. Yet this is a profession that relies heavily on word of mouth and trust. Giving customers or potential customers the correct valuation ensures they build trust in you and your dealership. This means, not only will they repeat their custom, but potentially recommend you to friends and family too.

Build loyalty

Once you have built trust, the consumer will know that you can be relied on to give them a good and honest deal. Loyalty ultimately drives sales, so in just being knowledgeable, consistent and friendly, you are helping your business to grow.

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