The New Way to Make Money Online


People today are scared, asking themselves am I really signing up for the next best thing or am I just falling into the same old TRAP. Well…people today should be. The online business world is changing out there and many newcomers are falling victim to this change.

In order to first know why this change is happening, we need to know the concept of money-making opportunities online. Many “Money Making Systems” start with the promise, and that’s what everybody want to here, the promise of getting unlimited wealth. Now that’s a BIG promise, and in the beginning of this revolution it worked. The initial starters of the business brought people together, just asking for a BIG down payment, get them into the system and have them recruit others to do the same. But what happens when the one on top start generating massive amounts of income and more and more people start joining and that new idea starts to become old; the people on top retire the people on the bottom give up and everybody caught in between…well they struggle to to keep up and either give up with what they have or scam people to join a dead idea.

Well, I’m here to tell you to not worry about it, as the old business system crumbles well the NEW business system emerges. Why should people still pay large amounts of their own money to go into something that…well won’t provided them with any income. How about changing that old mind set to this; why don’t money-making opportunities simply PAY people to join, giving them the opportunity to test their way out and once people start building a TEAM, then and only then can people start to invest in it. THAT’S the new way of making legit money out their and THAT’S the way that will save people their own time and effort of just paying for a system they don’t really know about and FAILING.

Now this isn’t the only change going on out there. Unlike the old systems that just recruit you and then leave you to do your own bidding with no training what so ever, there are systems that actually STAY WITH YOU throughout your road to financial success. Some systems instead of paying your way in actually BUILD A TEAM for you and help you in your promotions and advertisements and even in physically giving you referrals. Hard to believe huh…well it’s true and instead of taking your money and not hearing from them again they always keep you updated and always are with you step by step.

As, you can probably tell my writing is not as good as it should, but even so I’m writing this so I can let everybody out there who is still struggling with there methods that there is hope and to no give up. The old systems that you may already be in well if you are a TRUE respectable person and not one of the scammers out there well yeah you can definitely build it back up through time and advertising and really truly build the system as it should, and maybe even turn that system to this new train of thought…Or you can jump off that crumbling system and join many of these great new money making systems and NEVER be left alone.

I hope these words of mine helped you in your quest to success…As for me I’m one of those people who were trapped in those old system just paying fee after fee, but now I changed my way of thinking to these new thoughts and ideas and well rebuilt myself with these new systems.


Source by Nakwisi Griffin