The Top Four Reasons You Want Sunil Tulsiani to Be Your Business Mentor


Sunil Tulsiani believes that a true victory for a mentor is achieved when his student attains a greater level of success than his own.

“To succeed on your own, for yourself isn’t too difficult, and not very gratifying,” Tulsiani said. “Passing on your knowledge and witnessing others thrive, that’s where true satisfaction is reached.”

If you want to reach and maintain the highest level of success possible as a business owner, it is crucial that you obtain guidance and support from someone with more knowledge and experience than you; someone who has a superior track record of effectively mentoring others. Not all wealthy entrepreneurs know how to teach in a manner that allows you to learn from both their errors and their accomplishments. Therefore, it is essential to choose your mentor based on merit, not credentials.

“Entrepreneurs, often get the paralysis of analysis,” shared Tulsiani. “There is just too much contradicting information out there.” Tulsiani’s mentor was the legendary real estate investor, Robert G. Allen. Thanks to Allen’s brilliant mentoring, in Tulsiani’s first year of business he bought and sold an astounding number of properties – 77 to be exact! Upon achieving his own success in real estate, Tulsiani became a respected name in the field by authoring books comprised of his personal tips and tricks. His expertise was so enticing that consumers purchased countless numbers of his books. The result? Tulsiani soon embraced the relished status of “Best Selling Author!” His career continued to expand to include the titles of Consultant and Mentor, and he is now the President of the Private Investment Club (PIC,) which is the largest real estate investment club in Canada.

The following paragraphs detail The Top Four Reasons You Want Sunil Tulsiani to be Your Business Mentor:

1. Sunil Tulsiani Successfully Transitioned from Employee to Entrepreneur

One of the most challenging things to achieve in the business world is to successfully transition from one sector to another. It is even more difficult to jump from being an employee to a thriving entrepreneur. Challenging and difficult? Yes. Impossible? No! In just a few short years, Tulsiani transitioned from his 15-year career as a police officer to being one of the top real estate investors in the country. He now enjoys the lavish lifestyle of one who consistently brings in millions upon millions of dollars!

2. Sunil Tulsiani Rose to Success, Plummeted & Climbed Even Higher

Tulsiani’s career as a real estate investor took off with his astonishing 77 bought and sold properties during his first year. Today, 13 years later he is still going strong. However, the journey to success was not without its trials and tribulations. In 2008, Tulsiani made a string of poor choices and found himself trapped in a lawsuit due to the actions of an associated partner. Although he himself was cleared of all fraud charges, the episode tanked at about “$4 million to $5 million.” Worse yet, it severely damaged his reputation. However, Tulsiani chose to focus not on his failure but instead on rebuilding his business, his reputation, and his fortune. How? By guiding the maximum number of individuals possible to financial freedom. Over the next eight years, Tulsiani educated 113,000 investors and facilitated well over 11,300 real estate transactions! His LinkedIn profile boasts the receipt of over 120 recommendations from individuals he mentored to financial freedom, 13 of whom are now millionaires! The lessons learned were priceless, and now Sunil Tulsiani is turning a profit that exceeds even his wildest dreams.

“It may feel you are cursed when you realize the damage experienced and done, but, truthfully, being able to afford losing millions and then earn millions back, turns out to be a blessing as I can help the members of PIC –Private Investment Club- more effectively than ever,” Tulsiani shared.

3. Sunil Tulsiani Earned His Success

Most of us do not have the advantage of receiving a million-dollar loan from our parents with which to create, sustain, and nurture a business venture: We have to invest vast amounts of time and energy to make our visions realities. Tulsiani knows what it takes to create your own success. Invention is often born of necessity, and after terminating a 15-year career in the Canadian police force, Tulsiani had to find a way to achieve financial independence. This need led him to the field of real estate investment and the rest is history! Tulsiani understands the value of money and empathizes with the decisions typical people must make in terms of how to use their funds. This is one of the things his LinkedIn fans appreciate about him the most.

4. Sunil Tulsiani Knows What Works (and What Doesn’t!)

As one who has been in the real estate investment field for over a decade, Tulsiani has identified what works and what does not. This is exactly the knowledge you need passed on to you from a business mentor. “So many individuals improvise themselves as mentors,” said Tulsiani. “Success is not an accident, it’s planned and well-executed strategies.” The real estate investment industry requires the ability to make informed decisions and to effectively network with the right people. With these essentials in mind, Sunil Tulsiani has designed the PIC specifically to bring together and protect like-minded entrepreneurs.

Are You Ready to Make Millions with Sunil Tulsiani?

Sunil Tulsiani is quickly approaching his 100th millionaire mentee! Will it be you? He is genuinely excited to share his wisdom so that you can avoid his mistakes and learn from his achievements in the field of real estate investment. In fact, he created the PIC for people just like you. If you are ready to work from home your way to financial freedom hand-in-hand with one of the best mentors in the industry, please visit today!

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