Tips For Caring For School Uniforms


All of the garments produced by certain companies for their schoolwear line include tags with detailed care instructions. These labels can be found on every item of clothing included in the line. It is important to follow these instructions closely if you want to keep your garments looking their best.

All of the garments are thoroughly tested to ensure that they don’t have any imperfections and that they meet strict standards in terms of color and durability. Along with meeting basic schoolwear standards, all of the garments produced by certain companies undergo rigorous quality control testing to make sure that their quality is up to snuff.

Uniform Care Tips

Start by carefully reading the care tag that is attached to the garment. You can find additional tips for washing the garment on the swing tag, as well.

Dealing with stains. When it comes to stains, fast action is essential. The longer a stain is allowed to go untreated, the harder it will be to get out. The best approach to dealing with stains is to use cold water to rinse them out of the fabric right after they occur.

Drying the garments. Unless absolutely necessary, the garments should never be dried in the clothes dryer. Clothing has a tendency to shrink when it is exposed to the heat of the drier. A much better option is to hang the clothing in the shade to dry. If you do need to use your clothes dryer, make sure to use the coolest temperature setting available.

Ironing the garments. Clothing that includes screen printed logos should be ironed before you wash it for the first time. This will help set the logo in place, helping it last longer. If you are ironing nylon garments, make sure to protect them by using an additional piece of fabric between the iron and the surface of the fabric. Avoid using an extremely hot iron whenever possible, opting for a cooler setting instead.

Additional Care Tips That Can Prolong The Life Of Your Uniform

  • Always read the instructions on the care tag before washing, drying, or ironing a garment.

  • Sort your laundry into piles of similar clothing based on the fabric type and the color of the garments.

  • Break garments in by washing them before you wear them for the first time. A shirt or pleat skirt is treated differently to a school uniform blazer jackets for girls.

  • Always pre-treat stains before putting them in the wash. Otherwise, the stains may become permanent.

  • Never dump powdered laundry detergent into the washing machine on top of your clothing since any bleach in the detergent could wind up lightning the fabric that it comes in contact with. Instead, add the detergent to the water and make sure it is thoroughly dissolved before putting your garments in the washing machine.

  • Avoid the use of bleach. Instead, use a product to whiten your garments and remove stains.

  • Avoid hanging clothing directly in the sun to dry.

  • Close any buttons or zippers before putting clothing in the wash. That way, they are less likely to get damaged or to catch on other pieces of clothing.

  • Choose the coolest water temperature possible for each load.

  • Consider turning your clothing inside out before washing it to help it last longer.


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