Video for Content Marketing Is Leading the Charge for 2017 Advertising



As businesses find unique and inventive ways to reach consumers, video content is being positioned as the primary platform within marketing corridors. With companies setting the bar pretty high for video content marketing such as Lenovo, BMW, and Geico, it is anticipated that key advertising industry players will follow suit making video content, marketing the largest area of advertising for 2017. The 4th-annual online video marketing survey conducted in conjunction with The Web Video Marketing Council was based off responses from over 350 B2B marketing, agency and management professionals. The numbers within the marketing reports highlight the following statistics:

*96% of B2B organizations are engaged in video content marketing

*94% of respondents are involved in the decision-making process

*73% say that video has positively impacted marketing results

*41% plan to increase spending on video marketing in 2015

*83% are using video content for website marketing

*50% are using video content for email marketing

*75% are optimizing video content for SEO

Leading the charge for these marketing strategies are the two firestorm Video content companies below.

LNC Productions: Eddie Nuvakhov and David Levy of LNC Productions are at the forefront of this marketing approach. In recent years, LNC has been experiencing an upsurge in business due to their clients’ remarkable revenue and marketing growth. Eddie and David have been able to reap some of the benefits by having the necessary skills and having access to some of the world’s most cutting edge technology.

“The creativity of our team allows for us to push the boundaries of how we tell stories. We experiment with innovative visuals to create truly groundbreaking cinematography, making viewers feel something, exciting them, or making them curious. Engagement is key and we’re passionate about engulfing our viewers in a sensory experience through our animation, sound, and live action film,” states CEO and Producer of LNC Productions, Eddie Nuvakhov.

These two savvy 26 year old entrepreneurs have built their company in a space that has much growth to assist small to mid-size businesses, as well as giant corporate companies in structuring a strategic video marketing campaigns without an expensive overhead as a larger production company. LNC Productions has clients nationally all around the country including Chicago-based, Label Insight, whose groundbreaking technology is leading the way in the much-needed food label transparency space. Make-A-Wish is just one of several clients that LNC has worked alongside and produced engaging videos for.

“Live action footage with animation is now the name of the game, showing a real environment where consumers would be using your services and products. This brings the advertisement of your brand to the next level by being able to show your product in a real life situation and in the same time showcase your app or platform. This will be the next level of Video content advertising for 2017 and we are really working hard on that front,” states COO and Director of LNC Productions, David Levy.


The Martin Agency: The Martin Agency is an American advertising agency based in Richmond, Virginia that is part of the Interpublic Group of Companies. This agency is another leading the pack in 2016 for Video content Advertising with campaigns like “Unskippable” for Geico. Their strength is their ability to help brands find and tap into new energy. Energy that fuels growth, powers big ideas and breathes new life into the relationship between the brand and consumers.

This agency consists of over 500 employees from 23 countries with unique and creative aspects and qualities. These employees have a goal to help their clients find and tap into new energy for their brands, and along the way they are extremely successful amongst their business and gaining awards. From OREO to Walmart, UPS to GEICO, The Martin Agency has created new energy for brands across industries with unique capabilities and partnerships that allow them to do so such as design, digital, media, social, and many more. They pride themselves on creating and living by a culture of being good to each other and being tough on work, making them such a unique and effective group amongst the video marketing content industry.

Additional companies that continue to lead the charge in video content marketing are below:

Blast Radius: A global experience innovation agency that handled digital marketing for Lenovo “goodweird” campaign. They specialize in content that is tailored and shared between brands and customers, using clear vision and bold ideas. The agency has a passion for using technology in service of creativity, bringing their best ideas to life in intriguing, engaging ways.

Unruly: A video tech company responsible for the cute commercial for Android featuring clips of unlikely animals playing together deemed as the most shared ad across the web in 2015. Founded in 2006 and acquired by News Corp in 2015, Unruly is works across 20 locations worldwide, bringing emotional intelligence to digital advertising. This company gets vides seen, shared and loved across the open web for brands that want to move people and not just reach them.

Deutsh: A fully integrated advertising, design, and digital agency responsible for a number of major brand advertisements across the nation, including the 2016 Verizon Guy switches to Sprint campaign and the Volkswagen: The Force campaign during the 2012 Superbowl. This agency is a group of explorers, builders and proactive idealists that invent the most original and shareable work in the world. Coming from different places and bringing different talents, they invest their time by not only making ads, but making their client’s businesses succeed.

Black Hand Cinema: A national video production company known for collaborating high end brands with celebrities, including the Apple Music campaign with Drake and Taylor Swift. Videos are produced by American film director, music video director, television commercial director and photographer, Anthony Madler. For commercials, he has worked with international clients such as Nike, Inc., Motorola, Duracell and Cîroc.

As video marketing begins to dominate and flood the market with new and relevant content daily, we will begin to see a shift in the different approach companies take to stand out in the crowd. Companies will be creating more inventive and innovative ways and using different platforms to deliver branded content to your audiences. Online videos are quickly becoming a means for people to fulfill their information needs, causing many companies to already make use of this medium. There are countless success stories of marketing campaign videos that have gone viral over the past decade, and will continue to do so. Viewers can naturally engage and obtain information in a way that will interest them and lead them to a continuous desire of the brand.

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