Video Marketing Your Way to Promote Your Site


The internet is influencing more and more the decisions of the majority of people. This is the main tool that makes companies resort to video content. Thus, video marketing is now the important element of a web marketing campaign. This type marketing is proven to be effective in helping businesses. With countless internet users, they are interested in watching video clips.

The Demand on Online Videos

A majority of web users are accessing video content once every week. More so, the platform permits companies to use it as part of their campaign. YouTube is the most popular website that allows people to share their videos. It was estimated that there were one trillion videos viewed from the year of 2011 to 2014.

Most viewers are interested in viewing video content than ever. They are also on demand on different platforms. Almost two-hundred million videos are being streamlined on smartphones each day. A rapid increase on the use of tablets and smartphones are mostly because of the ease of access on online videos.

Video Content that is Right for SEO Link Building

Content marketing is proven to be an essential part of search engine optimization. However, with video content, this helps generate an increased web traffic and more inbound links. Although video content is not being crawled by the search engines, still, it provides a lot of SEO benefits.

Videos are being shared all across the web. The marketers that are including rich keywords and descriptions in their video titles can benefit from this video platform. By means of adding the text transcripts on the video content, the SEO value is also improved.

By combining a written content and video, this helps increase the traffic back to the business website.

Famous Platforms for Video Marketing

Video hosting is somehow difficult for all businesses. However, the use of the famous websites that allow of sharing videos help decrease the technical burden of a company. The video is integrated easily as part of the social media marketing. Video marketing is truly helpful to achieving the goal of business of staying on top of the competition.

Here are among the most famous services on video sharing:

  • Daily Motion
  • MetaCafe
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Viddler

The Influence of Video Marketing on Purchases

Video marketing has its big influence in the public. Most businesses never fail to search for methods that help in determining the success of its campaigns. There is an engaging and obvious video content that can keep the visitors to stay at a website for a longer period of time. The conversion rates of video marketing are higher and an increased adoption proved to have its positive results.

The use of video marketing on brand sites and retail sites is increasing at a substantial basis. This only means that people see the good effects brought by turning into video marketing! This is one of the effective ways of staying on top of the online competition and being at par with the competitors!


Source by Richard La Compte