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Vision Insurance for the Self-Employed + GiveawaySponsored by VSP Direct ™

By Holly Reisem Hanna

This year as I turned 44, I have succumbed to the fact that I need to wear reading glasses. For the past year (or two), I’ve been squinting at my computer screen and increasing the font on my tablet and smartphone. I’ve been very fortunate in that I’ve had good eyesight all my life. But even so, I am extremely concerned about my eye health.

You see, my Dad, just a couple of years ago was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. And while this is a common disease among older individuals, he was diagnosed in the late stages of the illness, which means he is losing and has already lost some of his vision. There is no cure for Macular Degeneration, but when caught in the early stages, patients can make lifestyle changes (like diet, exercise, not smoking and protecting your eyes from UV rays) that may slow the progression of the disease.

Detecting diseases, like Macular Degeneration, is just one of the reasons why having an annual eye exam is so important. I worry about my Dad and the physical and emotional consequences of what will happen if he completely loses his eyesight. And because Macular Degeneration is genetic, I am concerned about my own eye health.

As a business owner, not only do I rely on my eyesight Vision Insurance for the Self-Employed + Giveawayfor all of my daily business activities, I also need it to help my daughter with her homework, to drive, and to do everyday activities, like cook and clean. Your vision is at the heart of everything you do. Fortunately, I’m covered under my husband’s health, and vision plan. But what if you’re not covered under a significant other’s plan? What are your options?

Even if you are a freelancer or are self-employed, there are still many resources (from shared workspaces to vision insurance) at your disposal that might otherwise be thought of as perks exclusive to a traditional corporate position.

VSP is the national leader in eye care benefits and offers affordable individual vision insurance to people who don’t have employer-provided vision care. VSP serves 72 million Americans through individual and group plans. Individual vision plans can cost as low as $17 a month, and members give the company a 95% overall satisfaction rating.

A VSP individual vision plan includes annual benefits that cover:

  • A comprehensive eye exam
  • Prescription lenses with covered lens enhancements
  • A generous allowance for frames and contacts
  • A wide selection of brand name frames
  • Access to a network of more than 36,000 doctors

Do you need to get your eyes checked? Do you need vision insurance?

We’re super excited to partner with VSP to offer ONE (1) lucky reader a Year’s Worth of Vision Coverage – $250 value! This giveaway is open to US residents only. Good luck!

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