What Courses Should I take to Make Money Fast?- Cold Calling

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Fucking up is often the best thing to happen
I was doing my webinar.

I had the iPad set up. Webinar set up.  iMac was set up. The content flow set up. Well, I did not know the audio on the iPad would be jacked!!!

The webinar was fine but there are some serious audio issues…which.. means… I got to do the first webinar all over.  Which will be Sunday, August 27th 4 PM – The Art of Holding Why and How to form a Holding Companies

Yes, it will be done over once I get this mic I just ordered.

I have uploaded the replay and that will be available tomorrow for members of Huster Undergrad and The Art of Holding. It will be different more information and a better flow, thanks to all of the great question people asked.

Note all webinars will be recorded and put in this slot – The Art of Holding Bundle

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The Art of Holding Why and How to form a Holding Companies
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Give me 24 hours to add you to your respective schools.

Note right after the webinar was over my inbox was flooded. I noted in the webinar the only way I am talking to people is in the FREE LIVE STREAMs or during The Art of Holding webinars. 

This is what happens when I start doing that I am working from 6 AM in the morning to 12 PM at night for FREE that is something I used to do 

I love helping people and those days are over the people I talked too did NOTHING with the training.

To be of more assistance I will provide a Q/A webinar a day or so after the webinar and I will mix up the days and give you guys plenty of notice and I will have morning and evening sessions.