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When I went into the nursing field, I had a romanticized notion of what my work days would look like. Little did I know that those long 12+ hour shifts, high levels of stress, and grueling work conditions would burn me out in just a year’s time. Throw in having a baby and wanting to be at home with her more than anything — and I can totally understand why a doctor would want to leave the medical field for a work-at-home career.

If you want to stay-at-home with your little ones, or you’re ready to leave the clinical environment completely, we have lots of work-at-home jobs for physicians.

What Jobs Can Doctors Do From Home? 

If you still enjoy the clinical side of being a doctor but want to have more time with your family, here are some typical jobs and companies that regularly hire doctors for telecommuting positions.

Work-at-Home Jobs for Physicians1. Clinician

Companies like the diabetes treatment company, Virta Health offer flexible work-at-home jobs for physicians and practitioners. To work from home as a clinician, you must hold an unrestricted medical license (MD, DO, MP, or PA) and be board certified in a relevant specialty—in Virta Health’s case, a specialty related to diabetes treatment. Clinicians work along with the team to virtually assist patients and provide remote support and care. Clinicians also assist in the development of new technology and protocols to support patients.

To see virtual clinician positions available visit:

2. Medical Director

Medical Directors work in many different areas of healthcare. Directors may manage other physicians, oversee research, direct new programs through insurance providers, and ensure medical trials are safely conducted. Medical Directors may also oversee recruiting, screening, and training of new staff members. They ensure all aspects of the facility, practice, or team project are medically compliant. While the role of a Medical Director is often hands-on, there are work-from-home opportunities, especially through insurance providers and virtual care providers.

To explore remote medical director opportunities, visit:

3. Medical Science Liaison

Physicians, pharmacists, and medical practitioners may find their calling working in medical science as a liaison. Often this role entails overseeing scientific studies and clinical data for companies as they test medications and treatments. This role may also include data analysis, presentation, testing, and research. These positions are available around the globe and not all of the jobs require a doctorate degree, making the role an option for those in the pharmaceutical and scientific fields as well.

To find medical science liaison positions search:

4. Primary Care Audio Educators

Physicians with a passion for sharing knowledge with others can find careers as audio educators. Medical education companies help physicians with CME programs, board review courses, and by coordinating educational conferences. There are even educational podcast opportunities to share the latest technologies and breakthroughs with medical professionals. Hippo is one company that offers work-from-home jobs for physicians with a passion for teaching, particularly in the areas of primary, pediatrics, and urgent care.

For more information on becoming a primary care audio educator explore:

5. Utilization Review Physician

Utilization review physicians review patient’s medical records to determine if treatments and procedures that were billed were medically necessary and covered under the patient’s insurance. They may also recommend different courses of treatment to minimize overspending in the medical industry. This oversight may be carried out remotely by a physician who’s working from home.

For utilization review physician jobs visit:

6. Telemedicine Physician + Psychiatrist

Telemedicine is a relatively new, but becoming extremely popular. As a telemedicine doctor, you’ll assess patients with minor ailments and prescribe treatments and medicines based on their diagnosis. Not only do telemedicine doctors get to work from home, but patients love the ease and convenience of seeing a doctor from the comfort of their home. Virtual medicine is also popular for psychiatric services for depression and anxiety.

To apply as a telemedicine, teledoctor, or psychiatrist visit:

Non-Clinical Work-at-Home Jobs for Physicians

For doctors who wish to leave the clinical field and work-from-home in a new capacity, there are many flexible options available. You can be your own boss by sharing your knowledge, inventing something, selling a product, or connecting with others.

Here are some non-clinical work-at-home jobs for physicians with examples of doctors who have found success outside the traditional clinical environment.

7. Create a Course

Use your medical knowledge and create an online course using a teaching platform like Zeqr or Skillshare. Physicians and practitioners can create coaching sessions and health and wellness classes on any topic of their choosing. Teaching from home is a wonderful way to share your knowledge with people and help them learn more about health and fitness. The range of topics is limitless—from self-care and stress management to cancer prevention, heart disease prevention, and fitness. Once your course is developed, list it on a platform for download or you can teach students through live video. You set the price and the hours.

Dr. Allana Todman-Da Graca uses the Zeqr platform to teach women how to build their confidence; you can check out all the personal health courses on Zeqr here. For more places to sell your expertise, check out this post.

8. Create or Join a Direct Sales Opportunity

Direct sales may seem like an odd fit for a doctor, but many health-focused direct sales companies would love the chance to work with a medical professional. Direct selling offers you the opportunity to share your knowledge with customers and encourage them to use products you feel passionate about. If there’s an item that benefits customers’ health or enhances their lives — your promotion and endorsement of the product will help to drive sales. With the direct sales model, you pay a small fee for a starter kit and in return, you’re given sample products, marketing materials, and training. For each sale you make, you’ll earn a commission.

Have a great idea for a direct sales product? Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, founded the direct sales company, Rodan + Fields, stating:

“We want to give everyone access to dermatology-inspired skincare so they can experience the personal confidence that comes with a healthy, clear, even-toned complexion. That’s why we created Rodan + Fields.”

If you’re interested in starting your own direct sales company, here are some basic steps to get started.

Work-at-Home Jobs for Physicians

9. Invent Something

In every field, necessity is the mother of invention—and the medical field is no exception. While most people think of drug development and care advancement when it comes to invention in the medical industry, those aren’t the only areas open to innovation. Chances are, you’re faced with little dilemmas every single day. What could help you do your job more efficiently, improve patient experience, or just generally make your life easier?

Dr. Leslie Latterman saw a need for updated lab coats worn by female doctors and invented a stylish lab coat that reflects the physical needs of women doctors. What can you invent?

10. Start a Blog

Blogging as a doctor might seem like a strange career choice, but if you’ve got a story to share, blogging is a wonderful opportunity to spread your message. Perhaps you want to share healthy recipes with patients, lifestyle tips, or ideas on how to manage and live with certain health conditions. A blog is a great way to write out your thoughts and share knowledge with readers. Best of all, you can earn money from blogging, on your own schedule, as your own boss. It’s easy to start blogging and those with strong expertise and writing skills may find great success.

Here’s one doctor, who turned his quest for better work-life balance into the blog, Passive Income M.D. I guess he writes incognito because he’s still actively working as an anesthesiologist.

11. Write a Book

When physicians think of writing a book, thoughts may turn to a clinical guide, case study, or a researched piece for a medical journal. While those sorts of writing opportunities are available, what about sharing stories, insights, philosophy, or even your life story? Medical memoirs are touching and enjoyed by many readers. Self-help and advice from doctors in nearly any field is highly sought out and valued.

Neurosurgeon, Paul Kalaithi wrote a #1 New York Times Bestseller, When Breath Becomes Air — this book is a terrific read if you haven’t read it.


Being a doctor or healthcare practitioner doesn’t have to mean working long shifts away from your family. You don’t need to commit to an endless commute and sacrifice your personal life to better the lives of others. If you’re looking for work-at-home jobs for physicians, there are many options out there to provide you with flexibility, freedom, and financial security.

Need more ideas? Check out the podcast, Docs Outside the Box for interviews with doctors who are doing extraordinary things.

Are you a physician who wants to work-from-home? Have you already found your dream home-based career? Drop us a note; we’d love to hear from you!

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