Work at Home with a Career in Medical Transcription

Work at Home with a Career in Medical TranscriptionSponsored by Career Step

When Andrea Anaya started out, she was a struggling young mother. At only 22 years old, she was in a bad marriage and transcribing medical reports from home to pay the bills and care for her one-year-old daughter. In her very limited spare time, Andrea began hand writing her original, 2,000-page medical transcription training program.

Andrea officially launched Career Step by selling the first copy of her medical transcription program in 1992. She had persevered in creating the program because she wanted to provide other moms who were in her same situation a way to work from home. After working as a medical transcriptionist for years, she had learned first-hand of the industry’s lack of an affordable, easy-to-use, and experienced-based program. Andrea’s program was designed to fill that need and provide others with the opportunity to gain the skills needed to work from home as medical transcriptionists.

Over the years, Career Step has grown into one of the leading online healthcare education companies,now offering not only a Medical Transcription program, but also a Medical Coding and Billing program, along with a few smaller continuing education courses. All of Career Step programs are offered entirely online, making the school a great choice for those who want to study at home to work from home.

Though Career Step has now helped over 40,000 students, Andrea’s original commitment to the individual is still a driving philosophy. Many of Career Step’s Medical Transcription students are moms trying to find a career that will allow them to work without putting their children in daycare.

Some have had medical experience; some haven’t. Some have typing skills; some don’t. No matter the situation, the Career Step support staff counselors (who are actually medical transcriptionists) work hard to help each student through the program. Career Step also provides students many job search resources after graduation and has built relationships with many industry employers.

Each month the Career Step staff receives emails from graduating students expressing excitement for their new careers and gratitude for the Career Step program. Kimberly, a recent Career Step grad from Missouri, said, “The Career Step course is challenging, fun, and well organized. I am a recent graduate, and I had no problem finding my first job. I am excited, confident in my skills, and thrilled to start my new career. Thank you so much Career Step. To all the mothers and mothers-to-be, you can do this! Yes, it is challenging and stressful at times, but the Career Step staff and forum are there to help whenever needed. Good luck!”

The Career Step Medical Transcription program is available for $2,995; everything a student needs to prepare for a career in medical transcription is included in this package.

For more information on the Medical Transcription program or to enroll today, visit the Career Step website.

Military spouses may be able to train with Career Step with no out-of-pocket expenses. Career Step has been approved by the Department of Defense to train eligible military spouses with MyCAA funds, which completely cover the costs of the Career Step programs. For more information on who is eligible and to start the funding application process, visit Career Step’s MyCAA Funds.

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Work at Home with a Career in Medical Transcription



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