Your Job as a Parent Doesn't Not Stop: Looking After A Child When You’re Injured


It would be great if everyone could call in sick when they were injured, but it’s a pipe dream for lots of workers. You might be one of those people who has to turn up unless it’s an emergency. Sometimes, the hardest part of being injured is looking after your child. No parent wants their situation to affect their child in a negative way if you have suffered an injury, so let’s look at how you can keep them safe and happy.

1. Stick To Your Routines

If you have lots of routines stick to them as often as possible. Your child is less likely to think something is terribly wrong if their life doesn’t change. Don’t attempt to do anything if you feel it’s too much.

Check out companies if you need extra help. For example, if you have a sore leg you might be able to visit the park with a walking aid. Sticking to routines will be excellent for you too as it can be difficult to get into a routine after an injury as some days you simply do not feel like doing anything.

2. Explain All The Changes

You might want to stick to 100 percent of your routines, but there will be some that are out of reach. Unfortunately, you’ll have to admit defeat. Explain these changes to your child straight away.

One of your family members might need to pick them up from school for a while. They might have to tuck them in at night too. Your child will feel much better if you let them know what they should expect.

3. Keep Things To Yourself

Maybe you won’t be in too much physical pain, but you’ll be hurting mentally. There is a small chance you will feel a bit depressed. Don’t start to burden your child with what is going on inside your head.

Keep it to yourself if you have nobody else to speak to. If you can talk with another adult that would be fantastic. Once you begin sharing negative feelings with your child they’ll feel absolutely terrible.

4. Your Child Wants To Help

Do you ever wish your child would help out more around the house? If they’re old enough to carry out certain tasks on their own you should ask them to pitch in. I doubt they’ll try to wiggle their way out of it.

It’s more likely they’ll be happy to help because they’ll know it’s good for you. They might even keep up the generosity once you’re better. Don’t go overboard and ask them to wait on you hand and foot.

5. Tell Them What Is Wrong

Your child will know something is wrong with you, so don’t keep them in the dark. It will only make them even more scared because they’ll think the worst. Explain to them in the easiest way possible you’ll be okay.

Let them know millions of moms around the country get injured every week. If your injury is more serious than a little knock don’t go into details. They pay attention to your reactions even when they are hurt.

You’ll Be Back To Your Best Soon

Let’s hope your injury heals up quicker than you think. At least you’ll not need to worry about your child if you follow these tips. If you’re working hard already whilst injured you don’t need any additional stress in your life.


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